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Wealth Management

The Ashida Associates wealth management solutions provide clients with the ability to consolidate his or her financial affairs into one efficient wealth structure. We believe that by integrating the individual financial components of investment management, tax duties, retirement preparation and succession planning, additional value is captured at each stage of the planning and execution process.

Preserve the value of wealth

Effective wealth management essentially seeks to preserve the value of accumulated wealth in pursuit of further wealth creation. To ensure that you leave a telling legacy to the beneficiaries of your wealth, we believe that a carefully thought out wealth structure presents clients with the foundations to efficiently ensure that wealth is enjoyed and passed onto his or her loved ones.

Co-ordinated tax and estate planning services

Utilizing Ashida's tax and legal network of expertise, clients are able to place in trust substantial assets that benefit from taxation efficiencies. Various components of your financial lives are co-ordinated to extract value at each stage of the process. This ensures that the value of wealth is maintained and that a beneficiary distribution schedule enjoys the advantages of tax mitigation.

Consolidated reporting

By incorporating the majority of tangible and non-tangible assets into a single wealth structure, clients enjoy a reporting service that details all financial activities throughout a single report. From investment performance to beneficiary distributions to tax obligations, consolidated reports provide a comprehensive overview of holistic financial performance.

Investment management

Customized investment management mandates seek to allocate assets in accordance with the individual preferences of each client under our care. Utilizing the benefits of strategic asset allocation, investment capital is diversified across a range of industry, asset classes and geographies to encourage diversification and to promote returns on an absolute basis.

Financial Planning

Financial planning services that address the common concerns investors face in light of existing economic conditions.

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Working in partnership with clients as together we develop financial solutions that prioritise your investment needs.

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