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Tailor made investment solutions

Ashida Associates presents a broad range of financial services and tailored portfolio solutions for private investors and their families.

Our global reach enables us to capture value for clients across a range of management levels from single-niche products to comprehensive wealth structures. We adopt a boutique approach to exposing our clients to low risk money management to private equity placements.

Client adviser partnership

As an Ashida client, you can expect to receive a service that is targeted towards your specific needs. Working in partnership with our professionals you will develop a strategic approach to realizing your financial objectives. As a custodian of your wealth we seek to deliver sustainable, risk-adjusted performance in pursuit of absolute returns and added value.

Our service fee structure is heavily correlated to your success. Where possible, we utilize a performance fee approach that aligns your success with our compensation.

About Ashida Associates

An active asset management company focused on providing our global client base with customized wealth management services and tailored investment solutions

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Contact us to discover how we can help you to manage your financial affairs with access to institutional level, tax efficient investment opportunities.

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Asset Management

Discretionary and non-discretionary asset management services created to accommodate your specific investment needs.

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Working in partnership with clients as together we develop financial solutions that prioritise your investment needs.

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