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Tailored wealth management

Ashida Associates is an active asset management company focused on providing our global client base with customized wealth management services and tailored investment solutions. As a privately managed entity, Ashida Associates delivers impartial financial advice that is targeted towards the specific circumstances of each client under our care. By providing a service that is truly bespoke, client expectations are consistently met under a philosophy that prioritizes investment returns on an absolute basis.

Dedicated to client success

We understand the success of our company is heavily correlated to the success of our clients. For this reason alone we work closely with each client as together we seek to identify a series of financial objectives that are relative to the capabilities determined by financial position and attitude towards investment.

As a company, our objective is to create added value for our clients. We strive to achieve this objective through our performance as financial professionals and by delivering first-in-class administrative services. Irrespective of age or net-worth, our strategy ultimately remains focused on performance as we integrate our collective expertise with client satisfaction.

Absolute return investment philosophy

Our commitment to the realization of absolute investment returns dictates that we stay true to our investment convictions. We therefore do not rely on benchmark indices as a measure of our performance; instead we provide our clients with an exception and remain responsible to exceeding this expectation irrespective of market conditions.

We believe that this approach to performance is central to presenting each client under our care with a world class investment experience.

Mission & Values

We seek to maintain long-standing client relationships based on a financial service mandate that prioritizes sustainable success.

  Mission & Values

Investment Services

Presenting a broad range of financial services and tailored portfolio solutions for private investors and their families.

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