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Bespoke financial management

Ashida Associates is a privately owned provider of wealth management services and investment solutions. Our mission is to preserve and generate the personal wealth of our distinguished clientele as together we seek to overcome the financial obstacles faced under the present economic conditions.

Transparent financial solutions

As a lead specialist in pro-active asset management, our services are built around impartial advice and remain responsible to the financial wellbeing of each client. As such, we are committed to providing transparent financial solutions delivered through a professional network of experts each in possession of longstanding track records with applicable experience in the financial industry.

About Ashida Associates

An active asset management company focused on providing our global client base with customized wealth management services and tailored investment solutions

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Contact us to discover how we can help you to manage your financial affairs with access to institutional level, tax efficient investment opportunities.

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Asset Management Services

Presenting clients with a number of services that dictate the way in which investment capital is managed

From discretionary portfolio management to non-discretionary advisory services, our professionals draw on a wealth of expertise to deliver tailored solutions that meet your investment needs.

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Wealth Management Solutions

Wealth management solutions to provide clients with the ability to consolidate his or her financial affairs into one efficient wealth structure.

We believe that by integrating the individual financial components of investment management, tax duties, retirement preparation and succession planning, additional value is captured at each stage of the planning and execution process.

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